July 2, 2014
1 Year and 10 months since
our celebration.
Artwork by Eyeball James Nelson and Mot Rendrag
Artwork by Eyeball James Nelson and Mot Rendrag

7th Annual

Burning Girl


July 2nd - 6th


This is the Year of the Artist!
Photo by Trent Dowell
Photo by Trent Dowell

Rancho Rico,

Yerington, NV

Party in the sun at the 7th annual Burning Girl. Celebrate the 4th of July burn with live bands, camping, swimming, hiking, movie making, art installations, and Mardi Gras style parades. This is a family friendly party celebrating the artists!
Photo by Gaya Tagliapietra
Photo by Gaya Tagliapietra
Why Burning Girl?


Burning Girl is an annual party celebrating and respecting the spiritual land at Rancho Rico. We invite creative guests, who through acts of giving and artistic expression, share music, film, dance, photography, visual arts, and theme camps. The party culminates in a climactic burn of a 11 foot sculpture on the 4th of July weekend.
Photo by Cathy Childs
Photo by Cathy Childs
BG has partnered with Reno/Tahoe Burners to merge the efforts of local Burners.  We hope to see some new and interesting projects premiered at Burning Girl before they get to the playa. 
  • Gifting
  • Theme Camps
  • Art Cars
  • Art installations and performance artists
  • Film making
  • Live bands
  • Volunteers
Photo by Trent Dowell
Photo by Trent Dowell
Gifting is the act of giving something (material or otherwise) to another person without any expectation of receiving something in return.
Everyone should think of something they can contribute from their camp as a "Gift". It can be material, entertainment, or physical. This will get people roving to different areas of the ranch and make everyone feel welcome in all the camps and part of the Burning Girl community.
Photo by Trent Dowell
Photo by Trent Dowell
Theme Camps
A campsite which artistically presents an idea or concept and is designed to be interactive with participants.
Everyone can create a theme for their camp. They can incorporate this theme into their camp gift, art car, or interactive installation , and costumes.
Photo by Trent Dowell
Photo by Trent Dowell
Art Cars
Art cars are unique, motorized creations that may include forms such as furniture, shopping carts, boats, bikes, animals, or just about anything imagininable.
We would like to encourage people to put together an art car or bike for their theme camp to cruise the esplinade during the weekend and join in the parade.  We will have our Church of Burning Girl art car out in full regalia, and the Twisted Christmas Mardi Gras truck.
Photo by Trent Dowell
Photo by Trent Dowell
Art Installations
All participants are encouraged to create art at Burning Girl.
Anyone can create artwork or performance art during Burning Girl (with the exception of fire) but please leave no trace behind.
Photo by Bill Kositzky
Photo by Bill Kositzky
Camp Registration 
  • Registration for every participant will be required this year.
  • A donation page has been created with a requested donation amount of 30.00 person.
  • Individual admission numbers will be assigned after registrants have processed through the donation site.
  • This number will access entrance through the front gate. 
  • From there you will be directed to the greeter tent for your wristband.
  • Everyone at the party will need to wear a wristband through out the event. This includes every child. So if you are bringing a family of five, then you will need to register all five, and each one will have their own admission number. 
Photo by Ric Johnson
Photo by Ric Johnson
Burning Girl will need volunteers and a lot of help. You can give your time to make this a seamless burn on the Registration Form.
Photo by Trent Dowell
Photo by Trent Dowell
Tenents of Burning Girl
1. Gifting - Gift your art unconditionally through participation.
2. Decommodification - No commercial activities.This is a gift to the community. Reciprocate the spirit.
3. Fire Control - No fire art, guns or fireworks. Fires limited to designated fire rings only.
4. Communal Effort - Be part of the solution, part of the event. The property is a private home.
5. Art Cars - Stay on the path, and drive slow.
6. ATVs and motorized vehicles for art and service only - Drive slow past camps to keep the dust down.
7. Civic Responsibility - All activities in accordance with local, state and federal laws.
8. Family Friendly - Clothing on
9. We are at dog capacity - Dogs may get spooked from the music, parades and burn so leave your dogs at home. Owners responsible for their dogs.
10. Leave No Trace Behind - Take all your trash with you when you leave.
Burning Girl is a camping event so bring everything you need. We provide sound, stage, camp sites, outhouses, outdoor showers, electricity and great people. 
Continue through the website to see all the details
ie: What To Bring, What We Provide, Videos, Photos, Blog, and be sure and Register.

Register Here

Photo by Trent Dowell
Photo by Trent Dowell


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